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Click here to check out our samples, including a Donzi "Classic 18" windshield. Fabrication files are available for purchase for the Donzi windshield if you need one for your boat too.

DCM's analysis of historic world record muskie photos is discussed in the July 2013 issue of Ontario Out of Doors "For the Record: The 65-pound Muskie Question" by Peter Brewster.


Donzi Windshield Fabrication

In the winter of 2012, DCM was contacted to provide measurement solutions for the owner of a Donzi “Classic 18” powerboat.  This model of the Donzi did not include a windshield.  The owner had previously attempted to have a windshield designed for his Donzi with little success. 

Through the use of an existing Donzi after-market windshield on a different Donzi “Classic 18” (pictured below), DCM was able to attend the location of the boat to capture pictures for measurement processing. The after completing the measurements, DCM was able to provide the fabricator with CAD file that contained an extremely accruate 3D model of the windshield that was to be reproduced.



You have no idea of what I went through trying to solve the windshield problem…yet after I found DCM, it was easy.” - DONZI owner

The Donzi “Classic 18” Powerboat windshield represents the reverse engineering capabilities of DCM Technical Services Inc.  DCM will work with all customers to provide the most accurate measurement solutions in a friendly and timely manner.  Please contact us with any of your measurement needs.

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