What's New at DCM?

Click here to check out our samples, including a Donzi "Classic 18" windshield. Fabrication files are available for purchase for the Donzi windshield if you need one for your boat too.

DCM's analysis of historic world record muskie photos is discussed in the July 2013 issue of Ontario Out of Doors "For the Record: The 65-pound Muskie Question" by Peter Brewster.


Larson Senza Windshield Fabrication

DCM created a model of one of our staff member's Larson Senza windshield for fabrication purposes. The model was created from photographs while the boat was floating at a dock. Total time to take pictures was under 5 minutes!


We have CAD and SolidWorks measurement files for this windshield that are available for review of what DCM produces for frabrication businesses that we work with. Please contact us if you would like one of the files for review or to discuss any of your measurement needs.

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